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› [ C or U ] a technique for behaving or undertaking some thing that has existed for a long period and is regarded as the same old way:

If your "H" format specifier is made use of with no other custom format specifiers, it is interpreted as a normal day and time format specifier and throws a FormatException. For more information about using one structure specifier, see Utilizing One Custom Format Specifiers afterwards During this matter.

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By enclosing the entire literal string in quotation marks or apostrophes. The following illustration is like the prior just one, except that "pst" is enclosed in quotation marks to point that the entire delimited string should be interpreted as character literals.

The "y" custom format specifier signifies the year as being a a single-digit or two-digit variety. Should the year has more than two digits, only the two reduced-order digits show up in The end result.

A custom format string is made up of a number of custom date and time format specifiers. Any string that isn't a normal date and time format string is interpreted for a custom day and time format string.

After you use "file" structure specifiers as Component of a structure string provided on the ParseExact, TryParseExact, ParseExact, or TryParseExact strategy, the amount of "f" format specifiers indicates the volume of most vital digits of the seconds portion that need to be current to productively parse click the string.

Even though it is achievable to Screen the hundred thousandths of a next element of the time price, that benefit will not be significant.

Even though it is feasible to display the 10 millionths of the 2nd component of the time value, that benefit might not be meaningful.

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The "MMMM" custom format specifier represents the full identify on the month. The localized name of your thirty day period is retrieved with the DateTimeFormatInfo.MonthNames house of the current or specified culture.

For DateTimeOffset values, the "K" structure specifier is equivalent to the "zz" format specifier, and provides a result string made up of the DateTimeOffset benefit's offset from UTC.

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